Who's Up For A Fun & Easy Game Of Baccarat - Here Is How It Works!

A good way to get familiar with the rules of Baccarat is to pick a casino who uses for example Microgaming games and see if they allow free play first before playing for real money, although the game is not terribly complex.

When playing Baccarat, Players have three different betting options. Betting on the Bankers hand, betting on the player's hand and betting on a tie. Any amount of cash can be bet, from the tables minimum up to the table's maximum.


$08:01 JACKPOT

Software Reels Paylines Min. Bet Max. Bet
Software: Microgaming Reels: Paylines: Min. Bet: 10 Max. Bet: 500

Placing Bets On The Player's Hand

By placing one's chips in the "Player" area immediately in front, one is betting on the player hand. The bet is won if at the end of the round the player's hand is greater than the Dealer's.

If so, even money is paid out on the bet, and there is no commission charge. The house advantage for this bet is 1.29%.

Placing Bets On The Bankers Hand

By placing one's chips in the "Banker" area, one is betting on the Banker hand. The bet is won if at the end of the round the Banker's hand is greater than the player's.

In this instance once again even money is paid out, however this time there is a standard 5% commission fee charged on the amount that has been won. The Dealer pays out the even money winnings, and keeps track of all the commissions each player owes. After the completion of a shoe or when players wish to leave, accumulated commissions are collected by the Dealer. The house advantage on this bet is 1.01%.

Placing Bets On The Tie

Following on from the best Baccaret bet odds-wise to the worst. This is when placing one's chips in the "Tie" area.

Although the odds paid out are 8-1 without commissions, the house advantage is a massive 15.75%. If going for this bet, please think twice before betting or regulate the stake accordingly. Think that might be a little smarter?