Details about Louisiana Double Video Poker

Video poker has become a real hit in the gambling industry and this allowed it to branch in various forms like the Louisiana Double that's been earning raves from wagers across the globe. No doubt that if it's not your first time playing this type of game, then you may have already heard of Jacks or Better. The Louisiana version is a variant that branch off from this game and has incorporated a unique twist to what it serves to players in an attempt to make it more exciting and more fun than ever. Amazingly, it did exactly that and if you've been meaning to try this, it is always better to know more things about it first before you risk that dough on your pocket.

Louisiana Double


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Software: Microgaming Reels: NA Paylines: NA Min. Bet: Max. Bet:

Louisiana Double is just like Joker Poker with 53 cards used rather than the standard 52-card deck, however, it's not the 'Joker' that's added to the lot. A special 'Double' type of card is brought to the deck and as the name suggests, it will double the value of your winning hand. This means that if you've wagered 5 coins for a 4-of-a-kind in this game, you'll be able to garner a stunning 350 coins instead of the 175 coin standard. As you can see, this also means that you can never have a 'double' card if you have a 5-card winning hand. The Double effect will only extend from a Kings or Better up to the hands which only involves up to four cards.

Louisiana Double is one of the most revered games in the software platform Microgaming and if you want to give it a try, it is always recommended to look for a site first that can offer it for free play so you'll have a chance to get familiar with it. You should also take a look at its pay table so you'll know what hands you should aim for. Without a doubt, you'll have a great time playing this video poker variant.