What makes Red Dog A Must-Try Card Game?

There's definitely a plethora of table poker variants out there and one of the most common version you'll find is entitled, Red Dog. This game is something you'll surely see in vast numbers of web-based waging establishment, however, it has found itself on the declining road in terms of popularity. Although it also says 'Red Dog Poker', winning in this game is more of a chance. This is also why it has suffered extreme decline in the recent years since many establishments has also executed many games in this same name, but with a completely new set of rules and gameplay. Here are some of the in-depth information about the original version of this game and how it is played.

Red Dog


Software Reels Paylines Min. Bet Max. Bet
Software: Betsoft Reels: NA Paylines: NA Min. Bet: 5 Max. Bet: 100

Just like any standard poker games, Red Dog is played with a 52-card deck and there are some variants out there where you can even play it with up to eight 52-card decks. By doing this, you'll be greatly reducing the advantage of the house or the establishment - giving you more chance on winning.

The ranking of cards in Red Dog is just like regular poker, but three cards are only going to be used in order to define the victory or loss of the player. The player places a bet, 2 face up cards will be placed down and 3 different outcomes will be possible. There's the 'push' which will return the bet of the player to him if the cards are consecutive, there's also the moment when equal cards are placed which means that a third card will be dealt that will define if it's a push or not, and the third one being none of the case above.