The Grey Area Of Canadian Gambling Laws - Is Gambling Online OK?

When it comes to Canadian gambling laws, internet gambling has always been a bit of a grey area. Up until the seventies the country was by and large traditionally anti-gambling, then the government made amendments to the criminal code legalizing certain activities.

In 1985, Canadian gambling laws were introduced to allow the provinces and territories the right to decide as to whether they wished to allow Poker or gambling within their own areas. As a direct result of this, some provinces started to run their own lottery and also some casinos were built.

Whether or not that means online gambling is legal is still a matter for debate, although many provinces have already started to run their own casino sites, going by official tenders. Up to this point, Canadians have been allowed to enjoy their casino games on line without any trouble.

The criminal code of Canada does not make gambling online illegal, however what has been written about betting & gaming is extensive, and with all it's complicated wording, has allowed online casinos to thrive without any kind of problems. This is in contrast to the United States, who for the majority of their states does not allow them the right to run online gambling sites.

The bottom line is when it comes down to Canadian gambling laws and gambling online, if a player lives in Canada and wants to play at an online casino, they will not get into trouble legally, especially if they decide to play at one of their official provincial casinos.

If for any reason they are still in doubt, it is always wise to use some caution and to double check, however currently there is no proof to suggest one should be in fear of breaking the law by playing online. So far as records show, no individual over the legal age has ever been prosecuted and taken to court, so that really should pretty much say about everything.