Features that make High Streak Blackjack Different

When playing blackjack, there are definitely times when you've experience that feeling that you'll definitely be able to kick some sense out from the dealer consecutively by winning against him again and again. How great it would be if you can just have that gut-feeling you're having and add that to the wage you've placed, right? If you're one of the players who believes that streaks should be rewarded, then there's no doubt that the High Streak Blackjack Gold is what you're looking for. This game is developed and powered through the software platform, Microgaming, and it involves 2 decks in play.

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Software Reels Paylines Min. Bet Max. Bet
Software: Microgaming Reels: 5 Paylines: 10 Min. Bet: 0.1 Max. Bet: 100

This variant is a European version of the game it works exactly the same when it comes to the game proper. However, just as the name suggests, it has an additional feature that will allow you to bet if you can garner a win streak. So, you'll place your bet for the game proper, while also having the chance to place some chips on the space allotted for the streak section. Of course, this is optional, however, if you don't feel like betting on the streaks, then there's simply no reason for you to pick the High Streak Gold since it's just like any European variants out there.

Every round, you're naturally betting that you'll take the upper hand against the dealer and the only difference in this game is that you'll be awarded with another set of prize as you get that punch in. The odds increase as you increase the bet in the circle, however, be reminded that it 'must' be a 'win' for it to be counted since a 'tie' is not a loss for the dealer's side. Also, even if you consecutively win, it is not compulsory for you to place another chip on the section for streak every round. The High Streak Blackjack Gold is one of the most thrilling games in Microgaming that you should definitely give a try.